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This application is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not give you any real psychic ability nor the ability to read people’s minds.AUGURE is an Email prediction Application for Android devices that allows you to make multiple predictions in one longer prediction.*You can predict anything from something as simple as a Playing Card to a Lottery Ticket type effect. *Predict NAMES, PLACES, BIRTHS, SPORTS EVENTS anything you can imagine. *You can have as many or as little reveals in your predictions as you want. Here are few examples: Dream Prediction: You take a screenshot of a note from your notes app and email it to your client or a friend. The person confirms they have received this email. You then ask them to name any city in the world, any female superstar, a time, a restaurant and what they want to eat. Immediately after this you explain, that you had a dream and you wrote it down in your notes and that’s what you have just sent to them. They are instructed to open the email and take a look. They do, and to their amazement, find a screenshot of a note from your notes app with the dream you had. Everything they answered is in fact exactly the same as your dream. You type the following answers into the App: PARIS J-LO ITALIAN 7:30 LASAGNA And the prediction reads like this: I had a dream last night that I was in Paris for the weekend and I met the superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ. I took her out for dinner to an Italianrestaurant around 7:30 and we ordered Lasagna. It was delicious. *The above is a simple routine idea but you can frame the effect however you like and you can edit your pre-written text any way you desire. Here is another EFFECT: iKnow uKnow: You take a screenshot of a note from your notes app and email it to your client or a friend. The person confirms they have received this email. You ask a participant to open their photos album and to search through their photos until they find someone they care about. You then look at this Photo and point out various characteristics about this person. Their hair colour, their eyes etc… and what they are waring. You then tell them to open the Email you sent them before seeing the freely chosen photo and you have that person described in that email and the kicker finish, their name as well. The prediction reads: Please dont ask me how I know this but I predict that you may know who this person is. Please go to your photo album and look for a MALE with BROWN HAIR and BLUE EYES. He is waring a RED COAT, BLACK JEANS and WHITE TRAINERS. In the photo, he is OUTSIDE but Im not sure what is happening. If you have selected the correct photo then this person is someone close to you and their name is TOM. You type the following answers into the App: MAN BROWN BLUE RED WHITE OUTSIDE TOM *You only need to enter the answers and AUGURE will slot them all into a longer prediction for you, in the correct order. *100% fully customisable predictions. *The App is all disguised to look exactly like your real Notes App. *You can completely customise your predictions and the best part is, should you want to, you can perform the effect right in front of your spectators. *Participant can even do everything for you, so its completely hands off should you want it to be. *You can show a screenshot of the prediction in your camera roll should you want/need to. *There is also a confederate mode too. The best part is, they don’t need to install another app to be your confederate. *You get your own personalised confederate URL. *Shortcuts are possible for predictions. Type “J-Lo” and it reveals “Jennifer Lopez” in the prediction Email or *You can use emoji’s to make your predictions look colourful and interesting. *Type in lower case and have the predictions appear in Capitals and visa versa. *Comes complete with fully Written and Photo instructions.*Can be performed close or on

  • More Typography
  • Easy UI
  • Inbuilt Mail System
  • Advance Mailing System
  • Dream Prediction
  • Remote Mode

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    Your blog is amazing dude. i love to visit it everyday. very nice layout and content . 

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