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Let’s draw Pro is the premium magic app in which you can grab information from your spectator’s phone; no matter if that’s drawing, number,symbol etc.
You ask your spectator to take is phone and open any browser and tell him that when you get bored you draw online to show your creativity .And you take your spectator’s phone and open your favorite website (or the spectator browses the same) .Only after that you ask him to draw any picture, number, symbol or anything secretly without your knowledge. Then You take out your phone or borrow any phone from audience and read their mind and draw the same.

Color effect
You ask your spectator to color in drawing on a website it their free choice then you show your prediction it 100% match.

*Huge possibility are there
*Its a most powerful tool for drawing duplication

1.You can perform this online as well as offline .
2. The name of the website is different from the app.
3. There are 3 different types of pairing methods are available in the app.
4.It streams live information from the website.
5. You can control your website from the app.
6. Customizable home screen peek is available as well.
7.You can fetch live information from any borrowed phone.
8. You can activate,deactivate and customize your own Id from the app.
9.PeekSmith integration is available.
10. There are shortcut available for iPhone users.
11. You can grab the color information from your smart watch.


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