The Henchman (iOS)

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Imagine performing WHICH HAND routine without any GIMMICKS and with 100% accuracy.

It’s one of the most powerful app which allows you to do incredible and awestruck magic whether you’re on STAGE, CLOSE UP or even in PARLOUR. It has the potential to do endless routines.

Presenting to you HENCHMAN – Sense of Wonder, which works with any magnetic material whether it’s a coin or any magnets available in the market.

You ask your spectators to place the coin in one of their hands and you simply will be available to guess where is the coin, You can even tell which side the coin is facing i.e. Heads or Tails. You can do a prediction routine or any mind influencing routine.
You can call a friend in video or audio call and he can predict where is the coin or the object. For grand show you can take multiple people and you can do blindfold.

No need of any helper, you can control it all by yourself.

When it comes to the device RANGE, it’s simply wow as you can set the range according to your need and even small magnets works perfectly fine.

* Audio peek
* Vibration
* Screen indication
* Notification
* Peek Smith
* Confaderation mode & much more

For detection you can use.
* Camera
* Video call
* Image
* Black Screen


You can customise everything

Now your daily object(i.e. YOUR PHONE) can be your magical weapon.


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